New Beginnings

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Hey guys,

I am just making this post to state that I am working on all the services of DigiDime and surrounding platforms.

I know that there has been a lot of talk about new things, new ideas, new servers, new competitions and what not, but I promise you this time everything is going to be put into stone. I only ask in return that you please assist me by being patient. I am working full time and I am in Australia at the moment for work reasons as I am writing this so I am a bit stretched thin.

I am working hard to get the development done as soon as I possibly can but like I mentioned, time is a rare commodity to me and I need make the most of it. In the mean time, check out our forum.

You can visit out Forum at :

Please understand that I will get to everything as I get the time but as you know there is services available for you to use whilst I am away and when I get back, things are going to rock.

Looking forward in doing my best to make you all happy.

Best Regards